Sunday, June 26, 2011

A new visualization - Raindrops

Started this work a little over a month ago.  I've done the ripples before but I wanted to take it farther this time and build on the theme of rain.  In this instance, I actually started writing the music first.  I knew I wanted to compose a piece that would sound like the coming of a rain storm.  The music is still in development right now, but I put that on hold to start working on the visuals.

Getting the right raindrops was fairly easy since I could borrow some of the techniques I had developed from Effervescent Ripples.

The difficult part for this piece was getting the clouds to look right.  I first tried modeling the clouds and went for a more stylized look.

This was great at first, but as I developed the background texture and the raindrops, these clouds became more distracting.  I also was not satisfied with their movement through the space.  They drew too much attention to themselves and it was difficult to truly capture the dynamics of the music with their movements.

So this past weekend, I reconstructed them to better match their background environment.  Now, when you navigate through the space, it feels like you are actually inside a cloud.  Their movements are better blended in the background and the whole piece maintains a much more cohesive visual theme.  Plus you get a much better read on the raindrops which are the most reactive component in this visualization.

I hope to finish up the music in the next week or two.  I'll update then!  Here is the final animation right now. If you want to check out the 720p HD version, here is the link for that:

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