Friday, May 13, 2011

Some new demos released

So I'm still working on a good example to demonstrate the depth of field shader.  In the mean time, I've posted a couple other demos.  The first one is entitled Grid Lights.  The bloom shader intensity and color increases as the music progresses.  The song is entitled Facing Freedom which is one of my latest compositions.  The visuals are structured so the grid pulses with the main beats of the music.  The shockwave-like ripples follow next and finally the large squares come into play as the music builds.  Check it out on Youtube!

The second demo is done to an older song, called A Dancer's Ray.  This is mainly an experiment in working with particles.  A lot of music visualizations use particles.  They work great because they can show a visual history and many of their parameters (emission rate, speed, color, size) lend themselves very well when assigned to musical parameters. (pitch, amplitude) I played with the motion of the particle system and worked to get a sweeping arc in response to the music.  Check it out.

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