Monday, April 18, 2011

Real-time music visualizations

This blog is a continuation of my research and development in real-time music visualization systems. This will include documentation of processes, inspirations, developments, and new ideas related to the visualization system I created for my Master’s Thesis.  I encourage you to check out my school site to get an overview of prior performances and how the system has evolved.

The general framework for my system consists of an audio analysis component, user interface, and a real-time 3D game engine.  Max/MSP is used for audio analysis, data management, and user interface design.  This information is then sent via OSC (Open Sound Control) to 3DVIA Virtools which is a 3D game engine/ visualization program. 

The computer micro-manages all of the intricacies of the data processing and visualization which allows the user or artist the freedom to manipulate macro processes or paint in the visualization with broader strokes in some sense.

The pipeline I’ve developed is very modular, relatively easy to work with, and allows the artist the ability to quickly and efficiently iterate through ideas and discover new approaches to visualizing music.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about the visualization system, performance collaborations, or would like to commission a work or just have a question.

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  1. This visualization is very impressive, so many light sources and emphasis on directional movement. I will keep my eye on this. Very inspiring.

    - Jesse Cordoza


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