Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New side project - Iron man UI visualization

So I've started a side project inspired by the Iron Man heads up display and UI designs.  This stuff looks great and a lot of amazing work went into creating these intricate pieces.  There are dozens of tutorials out on the web that show how to create your own Iron Man HUD and many of the people who worked on this in the movies have details on how some of the parts were designed.  Check out some of the links and videos below.  These have become basis for my work.

Video demonstrating some of the processes from Iron Man 3:

Really great breakdown of the process for creating the Iron Man HUD in Avengers:

I haven't done this very often in the past so for this project, I'm going to document a vast majority of the steps and processes I use to create my music visualizations.  I hope you enjoy it!

Next steps will be breaking down the different elements, how they can apply to music, and what structures I can build to connect all these different elements.  Stay tuned for more.

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