Thursday, February 26, 2015

Iron Man UI: First video is up!

So I know its been a bit longer than expected since my last update but I finally have a video to show some work in progress!!!  Check it out here on Youtube:

There are a lot of things going on here and a lot that still needs work.  I'll go over a bunch of the parts right now.

Elements in place right now:
- 64 band frequency analyzer.  There are pics of this in my previous post.  8 different channels with each denoted by the 100 series numbers and each channel with 8 different frequency bands
- On the opposite side, there is a large meter and a colored triangle.  This represents the overall amplitude of all 8 channels combined.  The triangle gets brighter and goes from green to red based on the amp.
-  Moving towards the center, I'm still playing around with different concepts here.  I have three small rings that spin around when a large enough change happens on the amplitude.  Each ring represents a different frequency bin.  In this example, they are tied to the 3 highest bins, so only cymbal hits or high pitches will really cause them to light up and spin.
- There are three larger rings that don't spin but light up to varying degrees.  I'm not as keen on these right now.  They still need some work.  Here's a pic showing the two types of rings side-by-side

Finally, all meters have a brightness control that adjusts to the amplitude of its respective channel.  You can really see this effect at the beginning and end of the song.  Greater dynamic variation in the music will cause this to be more pronounced.  Live microphone audio usually helps too.

On top of all this, each element can be re-mapped on the fly to different frequency bins, or they can be driven by different microphone inputs.  Here's the control interface:
You can even have a particular element driven by multiple different frequency bins or microphone inputs.  The grid/board in my UI allows you to pick any input with a click of the corresponding square. You can add, subtract, and remap 8 audio inputs to 8 unique channels.

There's still a lot more to come.  All of these elements currently sit around the same space in the Y-axis.  They are offset a bit but there is much more to explore here.  Also, I need to get the central blocks moving and reacting to the music.  After all that is complete, we'll get a background in there and start moving this entire structure around.  Lots more to come.

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